Providing high quality printing for all the sector demands, flexography is the widely preferred printing technique in self-adhesive label production. In combination with different printing methods (silk-screen, foil-printing, embossing etc.) todays flexo presses satisfy brand-owners’ quality requirements.

Digital Offset

Besides the highest printing quality, digital off-set presses of todays technology enable variable data printing, versioning and low MOQ’s with a much more economical way. It is growing its share in the label production each day upon the advantage of the capability of printing on substrates with various surfaces and thicknesses.


Particularly for the secondary labels, where highest printing quality is not essential, with relatively small quantities, letterpress is an economical solution for the sector demands.


Due to relatively higher volume ink or varnish transfer capability, serigraphy is the technique to fulfill high attraction demands of the brand-owners, for drawing the attention of the end-users in front of the shelves.


Foil printing helps the brand-owners to attract the end-users by decorating the labels with fancy look. Depending on the customer’s request cold or hot applications can be chosen.